Whether selecting the perfect paint colors for a beautiful duvet from Pottery Barn or creating a custom paint palette drawn from the fabrics in your living room, our approach never varies. Both time and patience come together--combined with a discerning eye. Only an eye with the ability to detect all the variables in color can create perfectly-matched paint palettes. How does Good Eye for Color do this?

Using Pottery Barn's Romona pattern, we'll demonstrate how Good Eye for Color selected the ideal paint for this periwinkle blue background. Our initial candidates were paint colors chosen from half a dozen paint manufacturers. Using an actual pillow sham, not a reproduction, small paint chips were arranged on the fabric sham. A dozen colors appeared to match the background—and these paint samples made the first cut.

Large paint cards, one for each of the chosen colors, were scrutinized against the blue-gray background from every angle, high and low--from a few feet away and across the room—under artificial and natural lighting. Undertones began emerging. Often described as "a color behind a color," undertones are subtle. Frequently, these gremlins are not obvious until...a room has been painted. On the lookout for undertones, we eliminated paint colors by evaluating them, side-by-side, against the periwinkle fabric. One was too dull, too lifeless while another sample exhibited green undertones. Our original pool of colors was growing smaller and smaller…until one beautiful shade remained: Outlet from ColorLife was ideal! Blending perfectly with the periwinkle field, it outshone the rest of the competition. Not too light or too dark, not too vivid or too dull. Perfect Match. Perfect Color. Every Time!

After choosing Outlet, the rest of the dusty greens and warm cinnamons were selected. Romona's fabric swatch and combined paints—a color palette--were displayed together on what designers call a "Color Board." This format helps anyone, designer or client, visualize a room decorated with these finishes.

All the fabrics and paint selections for every bedding collection, including Romona, may be viewed on our Home Page as "Preview Color Boards." Each board may be studied in detail, comparing the fabric swatches with the various paint colors. Our "Color Boards" are available for purchase using two different options.

The "Basic Color Board" includes all the information needed to purchase the right paint colors—brands, names and numbers—plus creative painting advice. The other option is the "Color Board Plus." Along with the same paint-purchasing information, designer paint cards approximately 4" x 4"—one for each color—are mailed to you. You'll find, just like we do, that larger paint samples reveal and clarify the true nature of a color!

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